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Anonymous: ooo I'm not sure how I feel about that. Guess I'll have to wait until I see the show.

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It’s only a slight change! Erin sings it to the foreman (played by Nathaniel Hackmann), while thrusting her hips. It’s as if she’s mocking him. I don’t mind the alteration.

We hope that you enjoy the show once you see it! Let us know about your experience!

Anonymous: wait, fantine doesn't sing "dont it make a change to have a girl who cant refuse" anymore???

Please refer here! Thank you for the question!

Anonymous: I thought "don't it make a change to have a girl who can't refuse" was Fantine's line? Did they change it for this show?

They changed it! Fantine starts her part off with, “Easy money…”. Thanks for the question!

Anonymous: Which actress is the lovely lady that sings, "Dont it make a change to have a girl who cant refuse?" What about "Bloody Whore"?

Erin Clemons sings, “Don’t it make a change to have a girl who can’t refuse.” Melissa O’Neil plays the Bloody Whore. Along with other ensemble parts, they both cover the role of Éponine as well.

Thanks for the question!


Richard Barth will be back in the show, starting tomorrow (September 2nd).

He will bid farewell on September 7th. We’re sure that the company is happy to have him back!


Marius Pontmercy is the ambassador of White People Problems.


Grantaire/temporary Thénardier, put that body down!

jaspersdads: Hi! Do you know who was on as Major Domo last night? They listed John Rapson accidentally.

Hello there! Although Max Quinlan played Major Domo two nights ago, I believe that Weston Wells Olson played him yesterday. Thanks for the question!


Living the dream, Davin!



The Bachelor


Was there reality TV in 1832? If so, Marius would watch it without shame.

Anonymous: Which actors play the three sailors in lovely ladies?

Hey there! These are the actors (in order):

  • Jason Forbach
  • Matt Rosell (previously Max Quinlan)
  • Chris McCarrell

Thanks for the question!

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