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Congrats, Erin!

Congratulations to Andrew Love!

Now that we have both Kober and Love, I think it’s safe to say that AndTWO is better than one.

Caissie Levy at a Broadway Artists Alliance masterclass earlier today!

Christianne Tisdale is Madame Thénardier tonight!

Tonight’s understudies (in total): Adam Monley as Javert, Erin Clemons as Éponine, and Christianne as Madame Thénardier

Anonymous: I will be seeing the show on July 30th which is in 8 days and I'm sooooo excited!!! And I'm making my dad stage door but he doesn't want to but who cares!!! And I'm making bracelets for y'all so you guys better be ready for me!!! 😱 see you soon!!!!!

We hope you have a great time! I’m sure we all can relate to dragging friends and family to the stage door without their consent.

If you want to make us bracelets, should we give you our addresses? If you want a reply, please add a SASE (;

(This is a joke playing off how to get an autograph from someone in the show. Sadly, this blog is not run by anyone in the cast or the official team. However, officiallesmiz was put forth by the company, and features quite a few backstage photos!)

Have fun at the show, and tell us how your experience is after you see it!

Andrew J. Love makes his Broadway debut tonight!

Congrats to Andrew, who joins the ensemble at this evening’s performance.

Come out and see Jason as Enjolras! He will be on tomorrow, along with Erin as Éponine and on Saturday with Melissa as Éponine! Adam Monley will be Javert for both of these performances, as stated earlier.


The cast and crew of LES MIZ want to thank our amazing 100,000 (and growing!) fans across our social networks!

Cast announcements!

Tonight, July 22nd: Adam Monley will begin his limited run as Javert, and Erin Clemons will go on as Éponine! This will be her Éponine debut on a Broadway stage. She will also star in tomorrow’s matinee. Congrats to both of them!

As previously stated, Earl Carpenter will assume the role of Javert, starting August 12th. Melissa O’Neil will star as Éponine through July 23rd (evening) to the 27th.

lucifurbie: I think it's funny how the unofficial Les Mis tumblr keeps you more up to date with what's going on than the official one :D

We’ll take that as a compliment, so thank you! It’s also slightly depressing, considering that all we ever do is keep up with this production. We sold our souls to the Bishop of Digne!

However, we highly recommend that all of you follow the official Tumblr account. It offers amazing things that we can’t, such as backstage photos.

(P.S. Furbies ARE satanic)

We also forgot to post Aaron’s (because we suck). We apologize to our followers, Aaron, and his crazy face.

Puke or barf? You decide.

The fifteen second interview from two days ago! Heidi Giberson from Portville/Whoreville.

We haven’t uploaded the last three interviews! We proudly present this beautiful, talented lyric tenor.

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