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cjcherubic: AAAAH Kyle seems like such a doll!!!

Glad you think so! We here all agree. Feel free to share your thoughts or love for cast members at any time!

rachearys: Hello! I've decided that for my birthday, on October 3, I want to see a show. Les Misérables is one of my top favorites, and although I've seen it live twice, I'd love to see the Broadway production! Do we know how long the current cast will be in the show? Specially Ramin Karimloo and Andy Mientus? Thanks! x

The current cast is most likely contracted for a year (until March 2015), so you won’t have to worry about cast changes. However, Will Swenson will not be back in the show until October 5th. If you see the show on your birthday, Earl Carpenter will star as Javert.

Ramin and Andy have yet to announce any vacations during the month of October, but as you may know, Ramin never performs on Thursdays. However, October 3rd is a Friday, so it’s still likely that you will see him.

If you’re interested, the only October vacation that has been announced so far is Andrew Kober’s (October 10-16).

Before you buy your tickets, it wouldn’t hurt to check Andy and Ramin’s twitters. You can also ask us again at a later date!

Anonymous: Aren't most Eponines mezzo belters?

It would make sense for Éponine to be a mezzo belter, but we aren’t great judges of that. We paid more attention to the notes an actress must hit, rather than the vocal range classifications.

With that said, the ranges we posted are comprised of information that we gathered from many sources. They may not be completely accurate and/or exact.

Anonymous: What are the vocal ranges for Cosette & Éponine?

Cosette: (lyric soprano) B flat 3 to high C6 

Éponine: (soprano belter) F3 to E5

And in case anyone is curious,

Fantine: (mezzo belter) Gb3 to E flat 5

Some fans can be a little too in-your-face

Anonymous: I've entered your giveaway, but I won't have internet from the 2nd to the 9th of August, so I probably wouldn't be able to respond if I won, should I drop out?

There’s no need to drop out. We’ll extend all of the winners’ contact times to two weeks in order to avoid that problem. Thanks again for entering!


We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our first playbill give away! Since we’ve been lucky enough to see the show multiple times, we picked up a couple extra playbills along the way. Also, we feel it is necessary to give back to you guys since you’ve all been so supportive and wonderful with responding to this tumblr. We all really appreciate every single one of you and are so excited to give back to our fellow Les Miz Broadway fans!

To make this easier on us, you will not have a say in which playbill you receive if you win. We are choosing a separate number for each playbill. Also, only one of each playbill will be given away. To decide who will receive a playbill, we will use a random number generator. 

Okay! So lets see what we have to give away….

  1. 1st preview unsigned
  2. Opening Night unsigned (no opening night sticker, but it is labeled as such on the inside)
  3. April 12 Forbach/Enjolras signed by Keala Settle and Jason Forbach
  4. June 26 McCarrell/Marius Quinlan/Enjolras Hackmann/Valjean signed by various cast members but not all + pride playbill 
  5. June 27 Forbach/Enjolras McCarrell/Marius unsigned + pride playbill


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  2. Reblogs only please! You can like as a bookmark, though. We will not count regular likes, sorry!
  3. You can reblog as much as you want!
  4. No giveaway blogs please! Its just not as fun! 
  5. Please be patient with us!
  6. If you are a lucky winner, you will have one week to answer us! 

Giveaway ends August 1st 9pm Eastern Standard time!

One day more left to enter our giveaway!

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Anonymous: Do you know yet if there are any cast changes for tomorrow, July 30th, at the 2:00 show?? Thanks so much and I really love your page!!!

I don’t believe that any understudies are scheduled for tomorrow’s matinee. However, Christianne Tisdale went on as Madame Thénardier tonight, so Keala Settle may call out for tomorrow as well.

ICYMI: Will Swenson is taking a hiatus from the show, so Adam Monley (temporary lead) will play Javert through August 10th.

Thank you for the question and for the compliment!

Anonymous: Does Éponine wear a wig?

Nikki M. James (principal) and Erin Clemons (2nd cover) wear wigs when they go on as Éponine. I don’t believe that Melissa O’Neil (1st cover) wears one though. If she does, it looks very similar to her actual hair. Thanks for your question!

Today’s installement of “Andrew Kober Yells at People”

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Anonymous: hi, i was wondering if you knew who's been playing the bishop now that adam monley's taken over javert?

Andrew Love is currently playing Combeferre and the Bishop of Digne. However, I am unsure if Andrew will stay with the production once Adam resumes his previous roles.

Thanks for your question!


Terance Reddick sips on some mid-show nourishment. Photo by maxgordonphotography.

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